How Much Value Does a Finished Bathroom Add to Your Home?

Learn how much value does remodeling your bathroom add to your home with this expert guide from RWC Windows Doors & More.

How Much Value Does a Finished Bathroom Add to Your Home?

In general, a bathroom can increase the value of your home by 10 to 40%, depending on the quality and updates. Remodeling a bathroom can be almost as expensive as renovating a kitchen, as it receives a lot of foot traffic and should be both functional and welcoming. A small bathroom, especially one used by two people, that lacks space and is outdated can be a source of daily frustration. For all residential bathroom remodels and extensions in New Jersey, visit RWC Windows, Doors and More for design consultations and professional installation services.

The cost-effectiveness you can expect will depend on whether you are remodeling your master bathroom or a half bathroom. It's probably best to leave certain bathroom remodeling tasks to professionals, such as electrical work, waterproofing, and structural changes. Before you decide on your home bathroom remodel, consider additional information about which home improvements add the most value, how to remodel a bathroom on a budget, and whether it's worth adding a new bathroom. If you're remodeling your bathroom to increase the value of your home, it's important to compare your space with that of other homes on the market and use it as a reference point.

We consulted with the best real estate professionals and experienced contractors for their best advice on how to approach bathroom remodeling with return on investment (ROI) in mind. The fact is that not all bathrooms are the same and not all renovations are the same, so if you want to know if a bathroom increases the value of a home, it depends on what the owner is willing to invest in the house and on the skills of the contractor carrying out the work. A vital consideration is if there are bathrooms on each level of the house; if you finished the basement, for example, but didn't add a sink in that space, consider installing one. So how much value does an addition to a bathroom offer to the resale price of your home? It depends on the extent and scale of the remodeling.

Adding a full bathroom could also allow you to move a parent or other elderly family member into the house, without having to use the family or master bathroom. Whatever your vision of your dream space, trust the experts at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for your next bathroom remodel in Boise to add value to your home. According to Glenn, this is one of the best projects to get the most benefit from remodeling a bathroom that increases the value of the home. On average, remodeling a bathroom could increase the value of the home by approximately 66% of what is spent on the renovation.

The report also estimates that bathroom renovations recover approximately 71% of their value-added costs to the home, while adding a new bathroom recovers 63% of their cost. While it's important that your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing to buyers, there are also plenty of other functional reasons why buyers like to see recently renovated bathrooms. However, if your bathroom is really dated, has broken appliances, or obvious wear and tear, remodeling is an easy choice to make.

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