How Much Value Does Finishing a Bathroom Add? A Comprehensive Guide

As an expert in home improvement and remodeling, learn how much value finishing a bathroom adds to your home. Understand which features will maximize ROI and how much it costs.

How Much Value Does Finishing a Bathroom Add? A Comprehensive Guide

Adding a pool, finishing a basement, or adding a bedroom are all great ways to increase the value of your home. But when it comes to remodeling and construction, making smart choices with building materials, location, and features can help you reduce costs while maximizing the use and increase in value of your bathroom. Generally speaking, building or remodeling a bathroom with the help of a professional St. Augustine Interior Design firm can result in a 10-20% increase in the value of your home. As an expert in the field of home improvement and remodeling, I can tell you that one of the best projects to get the most benefit from is remodeling a bathroom with the assistance of a St. Augustine Interior Design company.

It's important to consider if there are bathrooms on each level of the house; if you finish the basement but don't add a bathroom, consider installing a sink. The amount your bathroom increases the value of your home will largely depend on the features you choose to include in your newly built bathroom. Some sellers may find that adding an entirely new bathroom provides a better return on investment (ROI) than remodeling an existing one. Data can help you better determine the ROI you'll get when remodeling a bathroom, depending on the type of remodeling you perform and the level of finishes.

The average bathroom doesn't have to be particularly large; a space of approximately 6 x 8 feet would be sufficient for a proper bathroom. You can also divide a large bathroom into two smaller bathrooms relatively easily, which can give you more privacy and, in turn, increase the value of your home. According to Remodeling magazine's report, bathroom additions return an average of 86.4 percent. If you're looking for an even higher return on investment, consider investing in an exclusive bathroom remodel.

This specialized type of bathroom remodel makes bathrooms wheelchair accessible, with features such as wider doors, accessible storage space, button locks, walk-in showers, foldable shower seats, higher toilets, open-base vanities with wheelchair capacity, and grab bars throughout the bathroom. Adding a full bathroom could also allow you to move a parent or other elderly family member into the house without having to use the family or master bathroom. In an exclusive bathroom addition, the new bathroom must be at least 100 square feet and will have the same exclusive features as an exclusive bathroom remodel, with the addition of extending the HVAC system to the new space. Before deciding on your home bathroom remodel, consider additional information about which home improvements add the most value, how to remodel a bathroom on a budget, and whether it's worth adding a new bathroom.

The report also estimates that bathroom renovations recover approximately 71% of their value-added costs to the home, while the addition of a new bathroom recovers 63% of its cost. If it's absolutely necessary to remodel the bathroom in your home in the Dallas area, a mid-range bathroom remodel can generate a 72.7 percent return. If your bathroom is in good working order and has only slightly dated materials (cherry cabinets and toasted granite, for example), it might not be worth undergoing a complete remodel just to get that Pinterest-worthy look.

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